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Fitness Training in Midtown Manhattan

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Everyone should be able to move their body without pain, regardless of circumstance, busy schedule, or injury history.

We understand how hard it can be for busy New Yorkers to find a sustainable routine that gets you fit for the long-term.

If you’re sick and tired of all the hype, confusion, and fad workouts that break your body down, you’ve come to the right place. Our founders are industry leading authorities who teach some of the most prestigious workshops in fitness & rehabilitation.

Most of our clients start seeing results in as little as 21 days. Within a few short weeks, you’ll feel confident about your workouts, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

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Robert's Success Story

The Catalyst SPORT semi-private training method is terrific. There is a great team of about 7-8 trainers, and they all work together with similar techniques -- lots of kettlebells and barbells and bodyweight training, with attention to form and posture and mindfulness of movement. Each client gets a specific written program and all of the trainers follow that program. You'll be doing deadlifts and squats and kettlebell swings and Turkish get-ups. After 18 sessions you get re-assessed and you get a new program.

The method makes SPT super-easy for scheduling. You use the app and sign up for any session on the calendar. It doesn't matter which trainer is assigned to that session, because they all collaborate and they all know your program.  No more fussing with a single trainer and being tied to their schedule. There is at most a 3:1 ratio of clients to trainers. That allows the trainers to keep an eye on each of the clients and to offer corrections and cues.

Serious work is happening here, but the atmosphere is really fun.

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Robert J

Dagna's Success Story

Wonderful and knowledgeable team! I joined 7 weeks ago after a very long recovery from an injury and I'm amazed at the progress I've already made. My workout routine was coordinated with my physical therapist, who is part of the team, to work with my physical limitations.

Personal Training near New York

Dagna H.

Adam's Success Story

I was recommended to come to Catalyst after doing some rehab for a shoulder injury. They’ve helped my shoulder become a lot more stable, especially since I am a cellist and need to be able to use it to play.

Being here has gotten rid of practically all of the naggy aches and pains that have come with my profession, as well as the issues that come with getting older.

Since being here, a lot of my physical health has improved, even things I didn’t initially come in to work on.I’ve been able to not only perform better at my job, but also just feel better in my body. Everything is so much better supported.

Things like carrying packages or suitcases, which used to just be a bother and uncomfortable, don’t even faze me now.
My favorite thing about being a part of Catalyst are the coaches, who are so clear in helping me learn and perfect my form, and are continually making small adjustments to keep challenging me.

Personal Training near New York

Adam F.

Alex's Success Story

My life before Catalyst mostly was subsumed with a fear of injury. I worried about getting hurt because I was getting hurt on the mat. Now, I approach movement and the sense of movement so differently


After training at Catalyst, I realized I was making progress fairly quickly. I began to just feel stronger and was out of pain. More importantly, I started using my body in a way within the first 6 months that changed a lot of my relationship to pain and movement. This allowed me to stay on the BJJ mat.

Within one year, my body started to really physically change. I started having people notice that I could move some decent weight and my body composition started to change. Now looking in the mirror is like night and day from before. I look strong even though the goal was always health and movement.

I can do so much more now. How about deadlifting 250 lbs, and not being afraid that I'm going to tweak something? Or staying on the mat and going with the big boys without fear of injury, not to mention, having to buy new clothing because of yolkage… oh well, strength and health comes with hidden costs. It's worth it.

Personal Training near New York

Alex R.

Karina's Success Story

I met Dr. Kathy Dooley 2 years ago when I was suffering from a bad shoulder injury. I immediately became her patient when I realized that she was just as invested in me as I was, in finding out the “why” of my injury.

Once I visited Catalyst SPORT and saw all that it is, I knew I had found a special place. At the time, I never knew just how much being a part of the Catalyst family would enhance my life.

Using everything that Kathy taught me via movement‬‬ and breathing drills, my injury eventually healed. From not being able to lift my arm to shoulder height without pain, I went on to earn my kettlebell instructor certification, take a multitude of ‎strength ‬‬workshops, and attend the StrongFirst barbell certification, all in just over a year, with ZERO pain.

With Jason's coaching & guidance, I also fulfilled a long time dream of competing in a powerlifting meet, coming home with two PRs. I've been lifting for over 30 years, and I'm ‎stronger‬‬ and more fit at 52 than I've ever been.

Personal Training near New York

Karine A.

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