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  • The Benefits of Sunshine on Your Mental Health

    by Pari Aryafar We've still got a bit of summertime left before our days begin to shorten. Since we have an abundance of sunlight now, make the most of it! There's many ways that going outside can boost your mental health, beyond your daily dose of Vitamin D. 1. Sunshine boosts your serotonin Our favorite feel-good hormone is triggered by sunlight through our eyes, which is why in the summer you may feel more positive and energetic than in the colder months. Feeling sad or simply in a bad mood? Take a walk in the daytime and watch how your feelings change. 2. You'll sleep better later Just the way that serotonin is activated by the sunshine, melatonin, the helpful sleep ....

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  • 7 Simple Strategies To Sleeping Better

    By Pari Aryafar Remember when your parents used to force you into taking a mid-afternoon nap and it was the most annoying part of your day? Sigh… if we only knew then what we know now and how precious every minute of sleep is. However, as we get older, falling asleep and staying asleep is much harder than what it was when we were kids. Here’s some easy methods to help your nighttime snooze be a lot more restful.
    Step away from the phone an hour before you go to sleep
    The endless scrolling off the ‘Gram and responding to work emails should definitely be halted at least an hour before you plan to go to bed. The blue light emitted from our ....

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mornings

    by Pari Aryafar Well, we can’t exactly say life is going back to normal, but things are definitely going in a new direction. Some of us are being asked to come back to our offices and others are feeling less fearful about going outside again. We are finding that many of our members are making their way to the routines they had pre-pandemic, but it seems harder than before to get going in the morning. That being said… you may not be waking up at 6 am like you used to, but your mornings are still one of the first obstacles of your day. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, depending on what your responsibilities are, you may be forced to adapt to a ....

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  • 5 Reasons Why Virtual Training Will Help You

    by Pari Aryafar Summer is almost here! The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, and… you are staying inside. It’s a little tough to not feel blue at this time, but something good you can do for yourself is incorporate some daily exercise. While you may not be able to do exactly what you were doing before, the great thing about us being human beings is that we can improvise, adapt, and overcome! Catalyst S.P.O.R.T. is offering virtual training sessions and our members are loving it. You can sign up for a session yourself
    , but first, we’ll share why you should keep moving, even as the world is staying still right now.

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  • PODCAST Episode 10: Our Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises & Why

    Find us here on i

    Divebomber push-ups: why are they overlooked? How to do them. Benefits of divebomber push-ups.
    Pull-ups: The most important bodyweight exercise? How Jason went from a decade of being mediocre at pullups to being excellent, within the span of a year or two. What changed?
    How to generate maximum power for a pull-up
    The key to any pull-up program
    Lower body options for bodyweight training
    The role of pistol squats
    Planks: not just for beginners. How to make planks harder. Advanced planks.
    The role of the “core”—why is it so important?
    Balance training
    Single leg stance and gait ....

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  • 6 Ways to Stay Mindful

    By Pari Aryafar Mindfulness is an important habit to have. It allows you to take a step back from everything going on around you and process what you’re feeling and thinking. It lets you both FEEL your feelings and UNDERSTAND the thoughts behind them, which can be difficult to do when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. While it’s a habit that constantly needs practice, we’ve compiled a few tips for you that can help you get started. Just like our previous blog on Kaizen , it’s something you can work on and improve little by little every day
    Give yourself some quiet meditation time every day, even if it’s just 5 minutes

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated During the Quarantine

    by Pari Aryafar This is an unprecedented time in our lives, as many of us are experiencing isolation in ways that we may never have had to before. It is a difficult situation for the entire world, which has left people afraid, confused, and wondering what actually matters to them. While the news is definitely very important and your safety is the number one priority, it is more critical than ever to take care of your health. Here at Catalyst, we are adapting to the situation as it unfolds but are still preparing for when we can return back to our regular lives. We continue to try to learn from this experience but also see past it - this will not last forever, and we ....

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  • Buyer's guide and recommendations for home kettlebells

    by Jason Kapnick As we get ready to finish our first week of "social distancing" one of the most common topics I'm getting questions about is buying kettlebells for you home. So let's get it into it, Q&A style! Q:If I can only buy one size kettlebell, which size should I buy?
    A general guideline would be to buy a kettlebell that you can do both swings and turkish get-ups with. It will probably be a little light for swings, and on the medium to heavy side of your TGU work weights. Q:
    What about buying two kettlebells?
    The most important thing about buying two kettlebells is that they be somewhat far apart from each other in weight! There's no point in owning both a 14kg and 16kg ....

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  • Your Problem is Not Your Real Problem - A Better Way to Troubleshoot Challenges

    Your Problem is Not Your Real Problem - A Better Way to Troubleshoot Challenges

    When it comes to health, fitness, business, or life, do you have a step-by-step way to solve problems? One tool that I'm fond of is called "The 5 Why's." It comes from the Toyota lean manufacturing world. The next time you're faced with a problem, ask the question "Why?" 5 times, each time getting a little deeper. For example, if there was a stoppage on the line at a manufacturing plant, Toyota might ask:
    Why did the robot stop welding? The circuit has overloaded, causing a fuse to blow
    Why was the circuit overloaded? There was insufficient lubrication on the bearings
    Why was there insufficient lubrication on the bearings? The oil pump is not circulating
    Why is the oil pump not ....

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