5 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated During the Quarantine


by Pari Aryafar


This is an unprecedented time in our lives, as many of us are experiencing isolation in ways that we may never have had to before. It is a difficult situation for the entire world, which has left people afraid, confused, and wondering what actually matters to them.


While the news is definitely very important and your safety is the number one priority, it is more critical than ever to take care of your health.

Here at Catalyst, we are adapting to the situation as it unfolds but are still preparing for when we can return back to our regular lives. We continue to try to learn from this experience but also see past it - this will not last forever, and we will not allow it to hold us back from goals. Currently, we are offering virtual training sessions where you need limited to no equipment and still can work in a semi-private environment with a coach. It is our goal to help you get through this with your mindset and fitness intact.


That being said, it is very easy to let yourself become unfocused at this time, and fall into bad habits. You don’t have to be Superman, but we would like to help you recenter and remember who you want to be at the end of this. Here are a few tips that can help you stay motivated during this situation.

  1. Build a routine

You may not have to wake up at 6 am anymore (consider the small wins here), but it is still good to keep a consistent schedule and routine for yourself. It’s important to stay positive and look at all the ways you can spend your time doing the things you want to, as well as catching up on projects you may have been putting off. Make a daily schedule for yourself, with the times you want to wake up and go to bed. Try to stay as consistent as possible with the times you eat your meals and set aside time for different projects, like cleaning in the morning and working on the computer in the afternoon. With our SPT virtual training sessions, you can still get a regular workout with a coach in your week.


  1. Make a few goals

Just because you have to stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t continue working on yourself. Think about some things you’d like to accomplish - whether it’s losing a few pounds or finally painting your kitchen. It is helpful to have something to look forward to every day and to work on, so your life feels less like “Groundhog Day” and more like you’re accomplishing something. It’ll feel good too when we are back in the real world and you were able to get things done with your time off!


  1. Ask for support

Social media is active in ways that it hasn’t been before. With everyone being at home, we are all communicating through the internet or by texting. Tell a couple of your friends what you’re working on and ask if they can keep you accountable, or check in with you. Do the same for them. We are all in this together and people are more supportive than ever in this time. If you’re a Catalyst member, you can still stay in touch with your friends through our Facebook member’s page!


  1. Keep a record

Write down what you’re doing, somewhere - a notebook, a calendar, in your phone, or chicken scratch on your wall. You might not see improvement right away, but it will become tangible if you are writing it down or taking photos of the progress. Even if it’s learning a new language or finally putting together that Millenium Falcon Lego set you bought (for your son…), there’s some way to document it and see how far you’ve come.

  1. Share your results

Show your before and after! Tell your friends, share what you’ve been learning or what you accomplished. Encouragement is one of the best gifts to give other people right now, and when you’re able to stay motivated, you pass that on to others.


In the meantime, no matter how many days pass, all of us at Catalyst are here for you. Feel free to sign up for our virtual training sessions and work on your strength, mobility, and fitness, or even stop by the Facebook group to say hi. You can always reach out if you have any questions or need support. We will be back together before we know it!


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