A movement flow to help your mobility

Have fun and improve your mobility with this Movement Flow!  

At Catalyst, our mission is to empower people to live better lives through strength and movement. While making consistent weekly improvements on a pre-determined program is crucial to long-term success, it’s also important to introduce variety and unstructured play into your routine. Movement flows are a great way to do this. Try this flow, introduced to us by physical therapist Lee Scantalides, to get you moving in new ways and to keep your joints well-oiled. You can use this flow on your days off from strength training, as a morning “recharge,” or any time you can find 10 minutes to move your body. Follow along with the video of SPT Coach Fabian performing the movements (written instructions are found below).  As always, stay away from any positions and movements that cause pain. Performing this movement flow consistently will help you achieve quality mobility improvements. It's also a nice way to start the day with movement...almost as good as coffee!



The flow is as follows, with movements done one side at a time for the prescribed reps on each side:

1. Segmental Cat/Cow 10x

2. T-Spine Rotation - 2 positions 10x each

3. Hydrants 20x

4. Kickbacks 20x

5. Downward Dog 3 breaths

6. Deep Lunge w/ external rotation followed by ear to ground pushup

7. Downward Dog 1 breath 

8. Deep Lunge w/ rotations 5x

9. Downward Dog 1 breath

10. Downward Dog w/ both forearms on the ground 3 breaths

11. Downward Dog 1 breath

12. Resting Squat Rocking and Prying 30 seconds


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