Two important types of breath by Dr. Kathy Dooley

You may wonder why we at Catalyst SPORT like to focus so much on your breathing.

Not only is breathing vital to life, but it also provides a stable platform upon which the arms and legs can move.

Proper breathing = SAFETY!

As you focus on breathing from your belly, you create a core of stability around the lumbar spine. This prevents your spine from moving faster than your arms or legs, preventing limb muscles from tightening to create stability. If that were left to happen, it increases your chance for muscle strains and injuries.

The better you breath from the belly, the more stable you are through your core. And the more stable your core, the more stable platform upon which you can move. 
Breathing really matters during training! 
Check out the video below, which shows versions of quiet and tension belly breathing. Please share this important blog post with your friends.  

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