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The Turkish Get-Up Step-by-Step


The Turkish Get-Up is a beautiful display of mobility, stability, and strength. Performing the TGU regularly will help promote balanced musculature, which can reduce your chances of injury. We teach the get-up in 6 parts. Follow along with the video to learn this amazing movement. Below the video you can find writtne step-by-step instructions.  


  1. Roll to Press: Starting in the fetal position with the kettlebell on your right side, grasp the kettlebell in your right hand with a neutral wrist (neither bent back nor flexed forward). Roll onto your back and press the kettlebell out to a locked elbow.
  2. Get-up to elbow: With your legs spread outside shoulder width (this should make a V with your legs), bring your right foot flat on the floor and close to your butt. Your left hand should be roughly parallel to your left leg. Driving through the right heel, and pulling against the ground with the left elbow, ROLL to your left, ending up in the position shown. It is very important that you roll, and not perform a sit-up. Think “east to west” not “north to south.” Keep your left shoulder active – that is, don’t let it shrug up to your ear.
  3. Tall Sit: Push your left hand into the ground. Rotate your left hand slightly so that the heel of the palm faces forward (like squishing a bug). Push your left hand aggressively into the ground in order to maintain a strong position at that shoulder.
  4. Low Sweep: With the weight even distributed between your left hand and right foot, lift your hips slightly. Bend your left leg and sweep it underneath you. The left hand, left knee, and left foot should form one straight line. This ensures that your base of support is underneath the kettlebell. Make sure you left knee does not end up directly in line with your right foot, if it is move it closer to your left hand.
  5. Kneeling Windmill: Transfer your weight from your left hand into your left hip, and then extend your hips to get into a tall, proud position (think hip drive not abs or oblique muscles). Once your left hand leaves the ground, transfer your gaze from the kettlebell to the horizon. Then, windshield wiper your left leg until your “skis are straight” and you’re in a strong half-kneeling position. Remember to keep active toes with your left foot.
  6. Lunge: Keeping your right elbow completely locked, push through your right heel and left toes to stand up. Remember, the lunge is a two-legged movement! Don’t just use your front leg – also use your back foot for support.

Once you’ve completed the above 6 steps, you will be standing upright, with a kettlebell over your head. You’re halfway there! Now, reverse each of the steps until you are laying on the floor again. All of the coaching points that apply to the ascent also apply to the descent. Take your time and don’t rush any step. Pause in each step and enjoy your movement.

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