3 Amazing tips to get you abs of steel!

3 Amazing tips to get you abs of steel!

Tip of The Week: Ab Wheel

3 Amazing tips to get you abs of steel!

Demonstrated by our very own SPT member Jason.

The Ab Wheel is one of the best exercises to strengthen the abs. Key benefits of the ab wheel are learning to brace your abs while moving into an overhead position, training anti-extension of the spine and stabilizing the shoulder joint. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of the ab wheel (use the video to help identify these tips)! See the video at the bottom for demonstrations. 

1. Set up: Proper set up is super important. Start with the wheel directly under your shoulders. Have your hips in line with your shoulders and knees (butt not sticking out or sagging to the floor), think of a plank. Take a big inhale and brace your abs and squeeze your butt!

2. Work within your abilities: Do not hyper extend your lower back or let your hips sag towards the floor while you roll the wheel out. If you find you have trouble keeping your spine neutral and you can’t control how far you roll out, use a wall to limit how far you roll out.

3. Maximize the efficacy of the exercise: When you are returning the wheel back to the starting position do not sit back with your hips, instead pull the wheel back with your arms and keep your body in the plank position. Keep your elbows locked. Now you are doing twice the amount of work in the same single rep!

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