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Tip of the Week: Side Plank

The Side Plank is a portable and versatile powerhouse of a movement. It trains more than just your core muscles, including your shoulders, glutes, and legs, in a plane of movement that is easily neglected. Once you are set up correctly, the rest is just breathing and concentration!

1. Bottom Arm: Set your elbow under the armpit, not your ear. Then push out of the floor and pull your elbow to your feet without moving the elbow. This will engage your shoulder stabilizers, back and trunk muscles.

2. Hip Alignment: Your hips should be aligned one on top of the other. The pointy bones on the front of your hips should be as if they were against a pane of glass in front of you. Don’t let the pocket of your top hip face the ceiling, and don’t let the pocket of the bottom hip face the floor.

3. Feet: Wedge the edge of your foot into the ground—make tension through your legs so that only your foot is on the ground. Neither your shin nor your ankle should rest on the floor. This will help you use your glutes and legs optimally. If you are having trouble keeping the legs straight like this, try an easier version of the side plank from the knees rather than the feet.

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