Tip of the Week: Rack Carry

Tip of the Week: Rack Carry

Tip Of The Week: Rack Carry

The rack carry is one of our favorite exercises at Catalyst. This movement helps develop a strong back and powerful core. The requirement to stand upright also has fantastic carryover towards improving your posture. A common challenge with this movement is to keep the lats packed and the ribs down (neutral spine!!)--it's easy to slack and appear to maintain the rack position, but be careful not to hinge in your spine or let your hips push forward.

Use these cues to build more than core strength--this is strength like a tree trunk!

1) Keep the lats and shoulder blades packed evenly on both sides--squeeze the bottom of each armpit toward the opposite back pocket of your pants.

2) Point the elbows to the ground and knuckles toward the sky--the bells should feel frozen and about to drive straight up; be careful not to let the bells be lifted sideways by the elbow.

3) Keep your chin level with the ground and your ribs down toward your belt buckle. This is the inner ring of your tree trunk.

Now, walk.

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