Tip of the Week: The Archer Pushup

Tip of the Week: The Archer Pushup



The archer push up is an versatile progression from the push up and a great way to start training for the illustrious one-arm push up. The versatility of this exercise is how easily it can be regressed and progressed. Below we will address the versatility and the common errors of the archer push up. Make sure to watch the video for a demonstration of each point.

Versatility: By moving the support arm (left arm in the video) closer to thecenter of your body the exercise will become easier. To progress the exercise, simply start removing points of contact from the support arm. First go to your finger tips. Next start lifting fingers off the ground until all of your weight is supported on the working arm.

Error 1: Do not let your hips tilt towards the ground! Keep your glutes and abs engaged. You should strive to keep your pelvis parallel to the floor.

Error 2: Do not shrug! Keep your shoulder packed on the working arm. To keep your shoulder packed cork screw your hand into the floor as if you are trying to point your fingers away from you. At the same time think about pulling and squeezing your armpit towards your hip.


Please feel free to comment below and let us know if you or any of your friends find this TOTW useful. Or tell us about how you have currently been practicing the archer push-up.

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