Member Spotlight!

Member Spotlight!

Catalyst Member and EntrepreneurErin Patinkin

1. What brought you to Catalyst SPORT?

I've known Veronica, Jason Kapnick's wife, for almost 20 years. She told me about Catalyst and, after years of mediocre personal training, convinced me to test it out. I was also drawn to Catalyst because I like supporting small businesses.

2. What results have you experienced with your health/fitness/injury if any since being here? Any PRs?

I was never a sportsman or athletic (theater nerd alert) and didn't really start working out until I was in my twenties. As I've gotten older, fitness has become more and more important to me, but I was never really guided correctly by the right trainers. Since joining Catalyst, I've learned so much about form, about new exercises, and how to properly do exercises I may have been taught incorrectly in the past. Every week I've found I can lift more and more weight. I look and feel stronger and more energetic.

3. What is you favorite member at Catalyst?

When I was struggling with the farmer's carry and asked Jackie what exercise the carry lead up to and she said "heavier weights." That was more favorite/least favorite.

4. What moves you?

Feeling stronger physically makes me feel stronger mentally. That moves me.


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