How Constraints Create Freedom - Using Systems to Ignite Creativity

How Constraints Create Freedom - Using Systems to Ignite Creativity

Prompted by Greg McKeown's fantastic book "Essentialism," something I've been pondering recently is that idea that "simplicity on one level allows complexity on another." Have you ever noticed that some of the most high-performing people impose rigid schedules and routines upon themselves? Or how some of the most artistic and creative people dress extremely simply? I have one friend who is a music producer - he's worn black jeans, a black T-shirt, and a white belt nearly every day for almost a decade.By constraining certain aspects of their life, these individuals free up time and brainpower to tackle what really matters.

As a slightly different example, if you had a dog in a yard without a fence, you'd never be able to let her off the leash. But build a fence around the yard, and now you can let her roam free.

How does this relate to fitness, you might ask? Well, at Catalyst, we use the Functional Movement Screen in a similar way. By spending 15 minutes to establish a baseline of our clients' movement patterns, and having a 'standard operating procedure' to identify asymmetry, dysfunction, or limitation, our programming team is free to design programs that creatively addresses each client's needs. Rather than having to wonder if a certain exercise may be dangerous, the system clearly establishes what exercises are contraindicated. This lets us focus on what really matters: RESULTS.

Read our blog post to learn more about how we use the Functional Movement Screen in our fitness programs.  And, if you're interested in learning about your individual FMS profile, click here to schedule a Movement Assessment for just $19.

Yours in Health & Fitness,

Jason Kapnick
Co-Founder of Catalyst SPORT

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