Catalyst Co-Founders Joe Boffi & Jason Kapnick on the "A Few Good Physios" Podcast!

Joe and I recently had a great time on the "A Few Good Physios" podcast, and I think it's some of the most engaging and informative content we've ever produced. Lee and Eric, the hosts of the podcast, are two of the absolute best and smartest clinicians in New York City. 

Here's a brief overview of some of the things we discussed. Check it out on Youtube below, or click here to download on itunes.


4:54: "Give a man a fish vs. teach a man to wish" - the role of empowerment in our fitness philosophy
8:23: Using the FMS authentically vs. just as a sales tool
16:00: Overly restrictive physical therapists & how to handle those restrictions in a fitness setting
25:24: Master of the basics, why it's so important, and what that means for your workout
32:49: How the Catalyst founders came together, and how Catalyst was formed
43:30: The role of mindset in overcoming injuries. Creating positive belief systems rather than excuses. Jason as a hypercompetitive 10-year-old
48:00: The power of language, and why we sometimes hate the term "thoracic outlet syndrome"
54:00: Our journey into martial arts. Superheros, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Metal Gear Solid
1:04:34: The role of brazilian jiu-jitsu (bjj) in our personal and business lives. Developing community. Learning humility and pursuing mastery
1:09:44: How bjj has influenced our fitness philosophy. Why jiu jitsu influences the way we look at fitness, even for folks who have no interest in martial arts
1:17:13: The future of physical therapy
1:30:55: Joe and Jason as 'fitness outsiders' - why we've been able innovate and offer a better product than orthodox methods
1:33:15: Why low quality trainers are so prevalent in the fitness industry. The challenge of communicating value to a layperson. The role of social media. 
1:43:30: "Meeting people halfway." Entertaining clients vs. actually making progress. The rule of structure in reaching your fitness goals. 





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