Catalyst Member Spotlight: Power Pair Edition!

Catalyst Member Spotlight: Power Pair Edition!

1. How did you find Catalyst? Which one of you came to Catalyst first, and how did you get your partner involved? 

Tara – I was introduced to Jason by Jacqueline Gradish, a fantastic coach I trained with in Toronto for about a decade. I started training at Catalyst at the beginning of 2015 and finally convinced Chris to join me in August 2016.
Chris – I let Tara have a 2 year head start, just to be fair.

2. What results have you experienced since training at Catalyst?

Tara – I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and I continue to make gains 4 years in. I’m also pain and injury free.
Chris – I too am the strongest I’ve ever been and continue to make gains at an astonishing rate (Tara’s words not mine).

3. Do you compare workout notes at home? Do you ever get competitive about your workouts :)?

Chris – I had to google “competitive”…..I wasn’t aware that Tara was competing with me in the gym…..huh. That being said, her conditioning is pretty good but she MUST work on her sweat game. At this rate she may never catch me.
Tara – We are competitive in all things, including our workouts. On a pound for pound basis, I think I stack up pretty well, but I obviously can’t lift as much as he can in absolute terms. My conditioning is far superior. And I’m less sweaty.

4. Do you have any favorite memories of working out together at Catalyst? 

Tara - We don’t get to work out together very often since our schedules are different. When we do, we pretty much just ignore each other so we can focus on our workouts.
Chris – I agree with Tara on this one. We both focus pretty hard when we’re at Catalyst. I’m a world class unitasker and she’s got bigger fish to fry (see question re competing with me).

5. Would you recommend that other members get their significant others involved in training at Catalyst?

Tara – Yes!
Chris – Most definitely. All jokes aside, we talk about goals/programs/exercises/Catalyst goodness all too often. It has been great for both of us. 

6. What moves you? (open ended question)
Tara – Chris Gillespie’s unconditional love and support.
Chris – Chicks

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